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About Clare
Clare O’Beara is a tree surgeon and expert witness, and a former national standard showjumper.
She has been elected Chairman of Irish Mensa and Director of British Mensa Ltd. She was also appointed National Representative to Mensa International.
She has served on the Royal Dublin Society Forestry And The Environment Committee.
She lives in Dublin with her husband and cats.

Clare is an award-winning writer of fiction and non-fiction, whose journalism work has been
published in more than thirty countries. Her credits include Mensa Magazine and
Mensa International Journal.

Clare works to make her books Carbon Neutral.

Clare has a portfolio of photos on Shutterstock.

Clare O’Beara wins SMedias Journalism Relating To Health Award 2022, SMedias Journalism Relating To Health Award media release.

Clare O’Beara wins SMedias Blog / Vlog of The Year Aug 2021, SMedias Blog / Vlog media release.

Nov 2022 Clare was invited to the launch of the Creative Futures Academy, in UCD, and interviewed on camera as one of the earliest graduates of the trial programme of courses.
Clare gained a Certificate in Data Visualisation from IADT at Level 8.

Inside DBS wins 'Blog of the Year' at the 2021 National Student Media Awards, Editor Clare O’Beara tells the story.

New book released in 2020, 'A Dog For Lockdown' media release.

New book released in 2020, 'A Pony For Quarantine' media release.

Clare O’Beara talks to Audrey Niffenegger on the BBC World Book Club.

Clare interviewed by Myra Gleeson of Near fm - Podcast.

DBS congratulation announcement on SMedias award. congratulation announcement on SMedias award.

An article Clare wrote about her contribution to quarantine literature, Link to article by Clare.

A Pony For Quarantine was featured in Dublin People on 16/12/2020.

2020, Second Place, Dublin Business School Create Contest.

Clare was one of the crime reviewers invited to attend a crime authors' event on 12th April 2016 at the Embassy of Luxembourg in London.

Murder Against The Clock was featured in The Dublin Southside People on page 22.

Clare was mentioned in Great Diving Quotes.

Clare was one of the reviewers attending Ellen Gunning's book launch in Dublin in September 2016. Ellen Gunning is Director of Irish Academy of Public Relations.

The Independent newspaper profiled Clare as part of an article on Amazon Top Reviewers by Journalist Nathalie Olah. Friday 11 March 2016.

The University of San Diego has made one of Clare's reviews available as an educational tool.
This is of environmental book The Price Of Thirst by Karen Piper.

BBC World Book Club invited Clare to contribute to a discussion with Malorie Blackman, author and Children's Laureate.

In 2013 she won first prize for Print Journalism in Ireland's National Media Awards.
She contributed a story to A Pint And A Haircut (Lon Dubh, 2010), an anthology in aid of Concern's Haiti fund.
Clare reads extensively and reviews books for Fresh

Clare recently interviewed authors
Tony Schumacher, author of The Darkest Hour and
Peter Robinson, author of the Inspector Banks novels.

Clare also recently interviewed
Carolyn Wilhelm
and was interviewed by Dana Arquest

Clare works to make her books Carbon Neutral.
Clare's Books

Science Fiction
Dining Out Around The Solar System
Dining Out With The Ice Giants
Dining Out With The Gas Giants
Dining Out On Planet Mercury

Murder at Irish Mensa
Murder at Scottish Mensa
Murder at Dublin Mensa
Murder at Kildare Mensa
Murder at Wicklow Mensa
Murder Against The Clock

Silks And Sins

Young Adult
Show Jumping Team
Rodeo Finn
A Pony For Quarantine
A Dog For Lockdown
A Cat For Company

Short Stories
The Prisoner In The Tower

A Dozen Dogs Or So
Dogs Of Every Day
Dreamless Roads
A Pint And A Haircut
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Clare O'Beara
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Murder Against The Clock
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Released September 2016

A Dog For Lockdown
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Released August 2020

About Murder at Irish Mensa....
Can brains do what police procedure cannot? Read this unusual tale of a tree surgeon working sleuthing between energy spent looking for a new house and tending her duties as organiser of the meeting to find the answer. You'll enjoy the ride.
Larry Winebrenner, author of the Henri Derringer Mysteries.

This book had everything I like: cats; an unusual, feisty female; a (subtle) romantic element; an interesting set of problems; a modicum of esoteric knowledge; gentle humour; and a realistic characterisation of the sorts of people I tend to hang out with myself.... It was the perfect weekend relaxation.
Francesca on Amazon.

At first, I thought a Mensa was some kind of Irish cultural festival until I kept reading and realized it meant super-smart people who could do things like solve puzzles in flight magazines. The author did a fine job describing the heroine, Cara - I sympathized with her need to find a home, love of cats and horses. A good read!
Nancy Jill Thames on Goodreads.

I am glad I found this author and that I read her Irish cozy mystery on days surrounding March 17. I enjoyed both the writing and the story, and I even got part of the mystery solved on my own, something I almost never do. This, however, did not lessen my reading pleasure, since I was having fun learning more about the characters and getting a glimpse of the way the story unfolded. I will certainly look to read the rest of the books in this Mensa mystery series sometime soon.
Charlene on Goodreads.

About Murder at Dublin Mensa...
The third Mensa mystery lives up to the first two... Read it!
Francesca on Amazon.

About Dining Out Around the Solar System...
Dining Out Around the Solar System, by Clare O'Beara, follows the story of Donal, who, along with his best friend Myron, grows from a teen with a love of books, into an important investigative journalist. His published stories dig ever deeper into the political morass of Great Britain's underpinnings, making life for the friends dangerous...
O'Beara's writing is approachable and well-researched. If you enjoy suspense stories with science fiction twists, I believe you will find Dining Out Around the Solar System by Clare O'Beara to be your five-star cup of tea.
DS Kane, author of Swiftshadow, Greynet, Bloodridge in the Spies Lie series.

There's lots of pleasant surprises in store for you in this thoughtful, at times ultra-cynical, fantasy excursion into the not so very far into the future dystopian society of the UK and Eire....
Well-written and observed, Clare O'Beara brings her considerable experience as a journalist to bear in conjuring a totally believable future multicultural society with bells (and knobs) on... Highly recommended for all those who don't need ray guns (or any guns much) at regular intervals in their intellectual fantasy thrillers.
Jan Hawke, Owner and CEO DreamWorlds Publishing.

So good, I want to complain.
Colorful_socks on Amazon

About Silks And Sins...
If Irish horse racing and living in the Irish countryside and being involved with horses is of interest to potential readers, I would encourage them to try SILKS AND SINS by Clare O'Beara.
Charlene on Goodreads.

You will be thrilled by this story of two sisters struggling with an inherited business involving horses....
One of the enticing elements of this story is the large amount of instruction about horse-racing built into the narrative without appearing instructive. One becomes more knowledgeable about horses and racing without unduly noting it. It is a most welcome part of Silks and Sins.
This book is most highly recommended.
Larry Winebrenner, Author of the Henri Derringer Mysteries on Amazon.

About Irish Lockdown Series...
This book will become historical realistic fiction. The family relationships are highly believable. The characters help tell the story of enduring and suffering lockdown. What a life experience for our youth. The pictures of dogs, cats, and Covid signs are genuine photographs. O’Beara understands animals and people well. She shares factual information through the dialogue and images.
Carolyn Wilhelm, Goodreads

May 2022 First Place The National Student
Media Awards (SMedias)
Journalism Relating To Health Award
Clare’s winning entry was
And finally, relaxing in the park

August 2021 First Place The National Student
Media Awards (SMedias)
Blog / Vlog of the Year
Clare’s winning entry was Inside DBS,
the official blog of Dublin Business School.

2020, Second Place, Dublin Business School Create Contest

Nov 2014 #1 Best Seller:
Show Jumping Team

In Children's Miscellaneous Sport eBooks

2014 First place:

Arkady Renko short story contest.
Judged by Martin Cruz Smith.
Sponsored by Simon & Schuster UK

Sep 2013 First place:
Print Journalism
The National Media Awards

2012 Second place:
Print Journalism
The National Media Awards

Sep 2012
Short Story Longlisted
RTE Guide/ Penguin

Apr 2011
Short Story Highly Commended
CDVEC Sports and Cultural Committee

National Media Awards

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Clare takes her own cover photos
and has begun illustrating books
with her own photos.

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