Recent Work

Garden with Cypress trees
Line of cypress trees topped during renovation of a listed building.

Garden front
Reducing a hedge for easy maintenance

Birch tree before
Birch tree in organic garden at Sonairte
Birch tree after
Birch tree in Sonairte topped and lopped by 12ft.

These handsome olive trees were outgrowing their space among Dublin office buildings. In June 2016 I pruned them for size and shape. Now they can continue to grace this location and bring nature into the city.

Maple before
This beautiful Copper Maple (left) had grown too large for its location and the garden and front windows were in shade. I reduced height and spread, ensuring safety on the footpath. I also thinned out the interior limbs to admit light between the branches.
I did similar work to the Oak tree on right.

Oak tree before

Oak Tree after

Maple tree after

When a tree is in the front garden it is also important to check the root growth. Roots may push under foundations of walls and gate pillars. If the driveway has been paved extensively, they may also need to seek water in the pipes under the drive during a hot summer. My advice is to use gravel rather than solid paving and to keep the tree to a suitable size as larger trees need more water.

Concern for the environment, including observing what is around me, is part of my work as a tree surgeon. In July 2013 I was the first person in Ireland to record a sighting of this lovely Sussex Emerald moth, Thalera fimbrialis, and I passed it on to the Irish Biodiversity register. Photo taken by me in my Dublin garden.