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Fun And Fiction

Carolyn Wilhelm who features in podcast Fun And Fiction with her husband Gary.
Photo by Clare O'Beara.

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Podcast for independent publishing

Podcast - Clare O'Beara - Publishing Industry
Myra Gleeson of Near fm
speaks to Clare O'Beara

Podcast from Octocon 2018.
Interviews: Dr Edmund Schlussel, Peadar ÓGuilín,
Eris Byrne, Sakura,
CE Murphy, Liz Bourke, Eileen Gormley

Podcast from Octocon 2018. Contains excerpt
from They're Made Out Of Meat
by Terry Bisson and recorded by The Truth.
Includes interviews with authors
Dr. Edmund Schluessel and Peadar ÓGuilín

The Road To Being Irish - High Resolution
The Road To Being Irish - Low Resolution
Hooded Crow Nest.mp4